The Conservative People's Party in Rudersdal

The Conservative People’s Party in Rudersdal The Conservative People’s Party in Denmark is more than a hundred years old. In our hearts we subscribe to politics, which support the pillars of our society – our families, our Constitution, law and order, our schools and our obligation to care for the poor, helpless and despondent in our midst. It also means that we feel obliged to protect our nature and our environment as well as the companies, which make our economy and society thrive.

Locally, we, the Conservatives in Rudersdal, aim to protect our distinct communities, our unique nature and the cultural heritage, which is a daily blessing to us. More specifically we seek to secure our elderly a decent and respectful old age, as well as state-of-the-art day-care centres and education for our children.

Citizens are a ressource

We believe in openness and transparency and inclusion of the citizens of Rudersdal in policy and political decisions is a priority for us. It will lead to better decision making on a more substantial basis. Forward-looking companies and organizations already understand this. Diversity and involvement of different capabilities lead to the best results.

The green and the blue – preserve our Rudersdal

We say yes to local planning regulations which preserve the green look of our residential areas. We say yes to an enhanced climate effort, for instance by increasing district heating coverage, taking a lead in the use of electrical cars, securing against sewage overflow in waterways, lakes and the sea. And we adamantly say no to changing the status of rural and protected areas.

Every penny counts

Our aim is to keep taxes as low as possible while ensuring municipal services on a level commensurate with the expectations of the citizens of Rudersdal municipality. Healthy finances are a prerequisite of the ability of Rudersdal municipality to perform on the level that we wish.

Among other things we need to make greater use of tenders as well and lowering the current, far to high absence due to sickness among the employees in home care and other areas – this will benefit the quality of care, job satisfaction among the employees and thereby also benefit citizens.

We hope that you will engage yourself in the election and make your contribution to our local community.